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             13th July 2021 "Beautiful Life" single release peaked at number 10 in UK Singer Songwriter Charts 






                                                                             Press release



                                       New single release 17th November 2020  


                                                   "Beautiful Life"                                    


                                          Released on Sonorous Records/UMG





                                           New single release 9th November 2020       


                                                 "Without Boundaries"


                                              Released on Sonorous Records/UMG






                                          New single release  2nd November 2020 


                                   " Wild Winds Weave "


                                            Released on Sonorous Records/UMG






                                          New single release 26th October 2020


                                                             "Parker T"

                               Released on Sonorous Records /UMG








                        Charting and history of releases


"Ghosts" number 1 iTunes Adult Contemporary Top 100 Singles Chart July/August 2020                     



Walking In London" number 2 Top 200 all categories singles iTunes Chart 25th June 2020



 "Walking In London" number 4 Top 100 iTunes singles contemporary categories chart June 2020



   "Simple Things Are The best" number 5 all categories top 200 singles Chart 25th May 2020




 "Simple Things Are The Best" number 1 Adult Contemporary top 100 singles Chart 25th May 2020


 "Whistleblower" number 8 iTunes top 100 singles charts April 2020


"Whistleblower" number 1 Top 100 iTunes Singles Rock Charts April 16th 2020



 "Whistleblower" number 6 Top 200 all categories Singles Chart April 16th 2020





           "Ever Changing Heart"  ​​number 1 ​​​​​iTunes Pop Singles Chart March 2020



        " Ever Changing Heart" number 4 in all categories chart  March 2020



 "Ever Changing Heart" number 1 Adult Contemporary Alternative Rock Chart March 2020




                                                                                    EP Release October 2019


                           Listen here:



"Ever Changing Heart" released 5th July 2019

 Sonorous Records Inc.Fontana UMG




"Whistleblower"release 21st June 2019

Sonorous Records inc.Fontana/UMG




"I Got The Fever" released February 1st 2019

Sonorous Records Inc.Fontana/UMG





"Simple Things Are The best" released 26th October 2018

 Sonorous Records Inc.Fontana/UMG





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