Martin L Williams


Martin L Williams

Singer Songwriter/ Producer 

Hastings, England UK


Martin worked originally with Leeds Music/Universal in 1979 as a songwriter and artist.He has also worked in the Social Work profession and Clinical Hypnotherapy.


His creativity for music continued,playing live as a solo artist and with bands.


In 2005 he teamed up with friend and fellow musician Phil Saatchi (David Gilmour, Phil Manzenara, Sam Brown) who convinced him to make an album.Martin and Phil Saatchi also have a songwriting partnership.


He recorded two albums and in 2009 one of his songs released on a various artist "Goa Chillout Zone 2"album reached No 2 in the Indian album charts.


He has previously placed music with Getty Music,WOA Records,Big Fuss Records, Moozikoo Music and Merf Music Nashville


Martin is a top line and lyric writer working with other songwriters.He is a member of songwriter pros at Merf Music Publishing Nashville


In May 2018 he signed to Sonorous Records/Fontana/Universal Music Group North America




WOA Records various Artists Album Goa Chillout 2 "One Of These Days" charted at No2 India Album Charts.

Californian based Big Fuss Records released the various artists album "Our Green Earth" on September 15th 2017. Martin's song "Looking In" is included on this album. The "Looking In" lyric was originally written by Martin in the 1970s and brought back to life with music.

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Moozikoo Creative Media releases "All About You" video on October 17


"Simple Things Are The Best' released 26h October 2018 Sonorous Records Inc.Fontana/UMG 


'I Got The Fever" released February 2019

 Sonorous Records Inc.Fontana/UMG 





"Whistleblower"released February 1st 2019  

 Sonorous Records Inc.Fontana/UMG








"Ever Changing Heart"released 5th July 2019

 Sonorous Records Inc.Fontana/UMG






EP Release October 2019


Sonorous Records Inc.Fontana/UMG